June Jam

HOUSTON — When inclement weather hits the June Jam, they just rock in the rain.

Wendy Adams of Dover, wearing a bathing suit under her shirt and shorts, was undeterred.

“A little rain isn’t going to stop us from having a good time,” she said. “There’s dancing to be done.”

Ms. Adams was one of the approximately 1,500 concert goers to turn out for the event at G & R Recreation Campground in Houston, despite the weather. Often billed as “Delaware’s original music festival,” the charity concert celebrated its 40th anniversary on Saturday.

Vice president, Lynn Fowler, who’s been a staff member for more than 20 years said traditionally June Jam has been lucky when it comes to rain.

“In 40 years, there were maybe only a handful of June Jams that have gotten rain,” she said. “It was never bad enough to close down. We do have an inside building to move to if it gets too bad. We’ll make it. Besides, are we all so sweet that we’re going to melt in the rain? I doubt it.”