COMMENTARY: Take emergency transport patients out of the middle

Rep. Ruth Briggs King recently penned an opinion piece about the high cost of emergency transport, in which she discussed the impact of balance billing for air medical transport services on patients. (“The high cost of emergency transport,” Feb. 18) The representative’s intentions are laudable — to bring relief to patients stuck in the middle […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Rational and effective’ gun laws needed

My family and the families of my three uncles would picnic at my grandparents’ farm in rural New Jersey. As a pre-teen, my father taught me to target shoot at cans with his 410 shotgun. I had fun. The “rural” high school I attended permitted students with a parental note and a hunting license to […]

Letter to the Editor: Supporting African-American women to run for local office

We’ve seen it over and over again in the year since Donald Trump’s inauguration — there’s a palpable desire for a change in the lived experiences of those who represent us, and an invigorated effort to elect those who can represent that change authentically. But even before Trump’s election, that desire was present. Recall the […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: History lessons lacking in US schools

How well is history been taught in American schools? The stress these days are on science, technology and math, which are of course important — but is history being shortchanged? When I retired to Delaware after a life in education I substituted in local districts. In one school I observed a teacher preparing students for […]

COMMENTARY: NRA shouldn’t be a scapegoat for Florida tragedy

Sigler, John by .

“Scapegoat – A person or group bearing the blame for others”. — New Collegiate Edition of the American Heritage Dictionary. The horrible, unspeakable tragedy in Parkland, Florida was a terrible thing — no doubt about it. Seventeen senseless and avoidable deaths at the hands of a known sociopath — terrible, horrible and apparently preventable. We […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote out the cowards who are afraid of NRA

There has been another mass shooting — this time in a high school. Kids and teachers died. That means it’s time for another aggressive campaign by the NRA. It will be another “us against them’ message”. “Them” will be the bad guy with a gun or the government or the person with a mental illness. […]

COMMENTARY: GEAR a great example of cooperation to fix state government in Delaware

Like many citizens, I spent a good part of 2017 concerned about the polarization of the elected officials that lead us. People that I respect, both Democrat and Republican, are putting party loyalty above state and country. While this divisiveness is the worst I have experienced in my lifetime, I am starting to be optimistic, […]

COMMENTARY: Stricter gun laws would keep America safe

The recent events in Parkland, Florida have sparked up the age-old gun control debate once again. Some want to keep gun laws as they are while others would like the process of obtaining a firearm to be more difficult or banned altogether. On Feb. 14, the students and teachers of Stoneman Douglas High School in […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘People control’ needed, not gun control

I understand the polarization of the gun ownership issue and sitting hard right, I’m sure my comments will be disdained and detested by the other side. Still, it’s not in my DNA to ignore ignorant remarks or when politicians who, if not difficient of facts, are simply bent on destroying the U.S Constitution. Here in […]

COMMENTARY: SEED pays for vocational training at Delaware Tech

As general counsel for Delaware Technical Community College, I am compelled to respond to the recent editorial proposing changes to the SEED scholarship (“Changes needed in SEED program,” Feb. 16). The writer, Eric Buckson, is a member of Kent County Levy Court and a full-time teacher at Polytech High School. As an elected member of […]