LETTER TO THE EDITOR: History lessons lacking in US schools

How well is history been taught in American schools? The stress these days are on science, technology and math, which are of course important — but is history being shortchanged? When I retired to Delaware after a life in education I substituted in local districts. In one school I observed a teacher preparing students for […]

‘The Post’ celebrates First Amendment win

DOVER — Today’s column is not meant to be a film review, but rather an ode to the First Amendment and an old friend of the Delaware State News. Last weekend, this editor took in “The Post” — starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks — and found it to be quite a thrilling story about […]

Tet Offensive remembered, 50 years later

DOVER — For many six-year-olds growing up in 1968, especially in America, their childhoods are filled with memories of jump ropes, ice cream and family vacations at the beach. Quoc-anh Nguyen, a South Vietnamese expatriate, remembers bombs, bullets and fear. As a first-grader in 1968, Mr. Nguyen found himself in the heart of the Tet […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Understanding the lessons of Vietnam War

How many American soldiers — Died in this land? How many Vietnamese — Lie buried under trees and grass … Now the wineglass joins friends in peace. The old men lift their glasses. Tears run down their cheeks. — Poem written by a former Viet Cong Guerrilla Fifty years ago, in January 1968, the North […]

World War I exhibit gleams at Delaware Public Archives

DOVER — Stephen M. Marz, the director and state archivist for the Delaware Public Archives, said whenever he sees guests experience “the wow factor” that’s what makes his job so interesting and fun. “The Great War & The First State” exhibition and The USS Delaware Silver Gallery bring out that “wow factor” at the end […]

Archaeological discovery to ‘write new chapter’ in state history

REHOBOTH BEACH — An archaeological study years in the making has revealed new information about some of Delaware’s earliest colonial settlers and shed new light on what life would have been like in the region three centuries ago, said Department of State officials. Officials claim the discovery of numerous artifacts as well as 11 well-preserved […]

What ideas could Dover glean from ‘Our City Reading’?

DOVER – Some notes and quotes between headlines, deadlines and fault lines … *** Last week’s column featured the story of the late Al Boscov, as told by friends, family and his department store’s people. An interesting aspect of his legacy is Our City Reading, Inc., a nonprofit he founded, to revitalize the city, once […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Picking apart the false flags of patriotism

Of the squealing and hissing through bared teeth on the opinion pages this year, the vilification of NFL players taking a kneeling stand for principle are as pompous and mean-spirited a view of America as any. Of those swearing allegiance to ignorance and arrogance, Dave Skocik’s lament (“Kneeling cards would commemorate disdainful athletes” Nov. 12) […]

Upgrading a jewel of state history: Improvements set for John Dickinson Plantation

DOVER — Gloria Henry, the site supervisor at the John Dickinson Plantation, has been at work on the site for 26 years this month. “When I first came out of college I said to myself that I want to do research on African American history and research on women and children of earlier eras,” said […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: History is against those who disrespect the flag

The Progressive Marxist left is expert in changing the meaning of words and actions to suit its agenda. These folks are also adept in labeling what is evil, good and what is good, evil. A prime example of this is abortion on demand. However, today I want to address the “taking of a knee.” When […]